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5 five-minute protein shake recipes

Everyone knows the best way to get your protein fix is through real food such as lean meat, eggs and salmon. But demanding jobs, insane workouts and maintaining a social life can mean a lack of time for food prep. Enter the protein shake. Quick, easy and crammed full of the good stuff, a protein […]

OMG Can I Cheat Meal? When? How Often?

Let’s be clear about something first – binge eating is not a cheat meal! You can’t shovel pizza and hamburgers into your face for days and call it a cheat meal. A cheat meal serves a purpose. It’s whole design is to prevent binging out on pizza, cookies, and burgers when you go crazy from eating […]

Saving Money (and Calories) On Beef

The price difference between extra lean beef and regular beef can be more than five times the cost! But I have good news you. You can buy the cheap stuff and reduce the fat content by as much as 50 percent. First thing people respond with when I tell them about this is a question on […]

How To Prepare Green Tea Correctly

Green tea has been all the buzz lately. But are you unsure of how to make it? There is just a bit more too it than adding hot water. Choosing your green tea is probably the most difficult step of the process. Loose tea may feel more authentic according to some. Others prefer teabags. Teabags would […]

Does Caffeine Help To Lose Weight?

You’ve surely noticed one of the primary ingredients in many fat burners, diet pills, and appetite suppressants. You’ve undoubtedly heard the constant back and forth from the worlds greatest minds. Well, does caffeine help to lose weight? The short and sweet answer – yes! It’s so popular among these supplements because it does two things. Not to mention it does them well. […]

The Ultimate Interval Training Workout to Get Ripped & Shed Fat

As the fitness revolution kicked into gear in the 1970s, training methods were fairly simplistic and unscientific. The idea that ‘more is better’ was very much the leading ideology amongst both runners and weightlifters, with athletes of the era trying to squeeze in as many reps, sets, or hours on the treadmill as possible. Today, […]

Is Rapeseed Oil Good For You?

Rape Seed Oil Facts Low in saturated fat High in mono-unsaturated fat (Good Fats) High in Omega 3,6, and 9 Known in as ‘the British olive oil,’ rapeseed oil is rapidly becoming one of the top ‘healthy’ cooking oils amongst fitness enthusiasts and doctors. With a tiny amount of saturated fat and a high monounsaturated […]

5 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Did you know that you can lose weight without cutting back on certain foods? While the ‘common sense’ approach to weight loss has been to cut back on all food, a range of new scientific studies have suggested that certain foods inspire your body to burn more calories than they contain. Known as ‘superfoods,’ these […]

Low Carb Diets

There are many low carbohydrate diets that have gained popularity over the years. Low carb diets such as the Atkin’s Diet, the Zone diet and South Beach Diet have been highly publicized, with many celebrities endorsing the diet plans. If you are thinking of going on a low carb diet, you may be wondering what […]

Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

There may be times when we need to go on a quick diet to shed off excess holiday pounds or to look good for a special occasion, or even to jumpstart a diet leading towards a long-term moderate eating plan. The Cabbage Soup Diet is perfect for this as it only lasts 7 days and […]