About Chest

The chest is probably the most popular body part for guys when working out. Most men desire a stronger and bigger looking chest.

There are two muscles that make up the chest, the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor or “pecs” for short. The pectoralis major has two heads, the calvicular and the sternal, is located between the clavicle and the sternum, and is responsible for many movements of the shoulder joint. The pectoralis minor is located underneath the armpits from the third to 5th ribs. Both muscles help to create a chiseled, stronger, and more muscular looking chest.

Terry Crews: Expendables Workout Plan

Being a former NFL player, Terry Crews is no newbie to the gym. You don’t get this from taking it easy and lifting light. There’s no doubt we can all learn a little something from Terry’s routine. Monday: Shoulder/Arms/Abs/Cardio Superset Upright Barbell Row – 1 set of 6 reps Power Clean & Jerk – 1 set […]

Decline Bench Press

The decline bench press is widely considered one of the toughest chest exercises due to the body position and the coordination needed to properly execute this exercise. The decline bench press targets the lower region of the chest and provides for an intense workout. This exercise is traditionally performed with a decline bench and an […]

Incline Bench Press

The incline bench press is a popular variation of the traditional bench press. This exercise targets the chest region, also known as the pectoralis major or “pecs” for short. This exercise traditionally uses a bench that’s elevated to a 45 degree angle and an Olympic barbell. Anatomy The pectoralis major is located on the front […]

Bench Press

The bench press is a traditional exercise that targets the chest region, formally called the pectoralis major or “pecs” for short. The bench press is also a compound exercise requiring other muscles to participate in the exercise movement.  This exercise is typically performed with a barbell and a flat bench. Anatomy The pectoralis major is […]